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TS3 Legacies by Your Majesty

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The Abernathy Legacy 4.6
Most of my pics were on my old computer so they were sadly destroyed along with the info on it. So this teaser pic is from one of the few pics that had been backed up that are actually included in the update so...spoiler alert, Sinclair finds someone to marry

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HA! I just got all caught up with the Abernathys! :D
I gotta say, this is such a funny/interesting legacy! I love that you're kind of following a plot, but in a commentary style.

But GAWSH Sinbad is such a dick! WHO DOES THAT?! Why is he such an ass?! WHY??!

Sinclair and Clem are fucking adorable okay bye.

Poor ariel. She just can't accept that it's ~over. Oh and I love her face.

woooo. roll on, cute gen 5 children!! x]

Thank you!! Commentary style is the best imo but its always fun to make up a bit of a story for kicks hahaha.

Because he's SinBAD!!

Ariel is so sad, she makes me sad. Thanks! She'll be up for dl once i stop being too lazy to put the Abernathys back onto my laptop in case you want her!

I've only seen Sinclair and Clem's son so far and I sure hope he grows into his features, is all I'm saying LOL.

Thanks for reading!!

I'm so excited to read this chapter!! It's been so difficult to study when I know that I've got awesome things to catch up on, but I managed and now I get to read this as a reward :D
First off, Clementine is beautiful. Well, all your sims are so I'm not surprised :P
Sinbad is a dick. Not a surprise either.
Omg Sinclair. I'm glad he's heir. So pretty!
Getting engaged while drunk... good plan, you two, good plan.
OMG KITTY! YAAAAY. (The best thing about being home is now I have four cats around to cuddle :3) Also, cat herder LTW? Is it even possible to herd cats IRL :P
Ah, schwann cells. I'm not sad to say goodbye to them for a few months :P
Loved it!! It's a shame the weather wasn't sunny for the wedding though :(

Gosh I'm so sorry it took me a while to get back to this! ><

Thank you! Clem was one of my prettiest Sims born in-game so I just had to pull her back into my legacy!
Sinclair is so cute *q* He has so many facial features from Sinbad but for some reason, he is just so...adorable and pretty!
Ahh you have four cats!? Lucky! Unfortunately I got rid of Pets just today because of reasons so the kitty is gone :(
Tbh I can't even remember what schwann cells are rn... hahaha.
Maybe I should have moved the wedding inside but the game was just so. laggy!
Are you going to be getting TS4, you think?

It's okay! Life gets in the way, I understand :)
They're bundles of cuteness and attitude :3
They're to do with the myelin sheath around axons? I think..
Naaah I don't think so. I only really play sims 3 for my legacies! Once I finish SOL I'll decide what to do, if I'll keep going or start a new legacy or stop. I have nothing that will be able to play TS4 anyway! You?

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