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TS3 Legacies by Your Majesty

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The Abernathy Legacy 4.5

Chapter 4.5     |     Archive

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"So anyway, I figured the best way to hide the corpse of a clown is to just shove him into a garbage can and camouflage him as a bunch of decaying pompoms." I laughed SO MUCH.
I've not seen Frozen, mostly because I'm not a film person, but I think I might get around to it when it comes to the uni cinema. I love Elsa and Olaf! <3
"Dragons. And some oddly-shaped dice." And dungeons, man. Can't forget the dungeons.
Noo Ana! Damn it Sinbad... but go Kyleigh!! Although I'm mad at Ariel for convincing her to let him stay... Thankfully he went anyway...
I wonder what drama will come next!

I'm not even sure what that picture is supposed to represent other than that clown png inside a garbage can! Hahaha
It was an excellent movie, but if you get the time, I highly recommend watching The Lego Movie first
Of course! D&D without dungeons is like grilled cheese without cheese!
Ariel is Good underneath all that bitchiness, after all!
Thank you! :D

Aww, Ana :( I'll miss her! And ugh Sinbad being a dick, as usual! I hope he stays away, I never liked him XD

Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaan? I actually just saw Frozen today so I was loving the references! WHAT A WONDERFUL MOVIE AH. Olaf! <3

All the kids are growing up so well! I will never be able to pick a favorite... except maybe Flynn :3 Too bad he's a clone now too D: Well, clones are okay though! Idk, but I can't wait to see what comes next <3

I was looking through old entries to try and determine whether Elsa really is a clone, and I saw pictures of young Ana and it was like DDD: I had hoped I could write him as cute as he is in the Storms Legacy, but alas, everyone turns into a giant asshole as soon as I get my hands on them

Frozen was really good ahhh! HANS!!!!! D:<

I like Flynn so much but sadly, I grew tired of dat nose :/ Clones aren't too bad, but I like to see variety in legacies since I'm obsessed with watching genetics being passed down lol.

Thank you! :D

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