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The Abernathy Legacy 4.4

Chapter 4.4    |     Archive

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Haha, Sinbad is not going to love any of his children when he learns of their Good nature. Poor things!
Poor Ana, still having to deal with her hydrophobia! :(
Flynn's face when he's wondering about Sinbad's job ahaaha.
Denahi is a wonderful name! I like that he has Zack's hair.
"Flynn: I’m not playing, Grandpa! I just lost one of my best men!" Aw you cutie. I'm trying not to have favourites this soon on but that may change soon...
I wonder if the butler stopped coming because of Sinbad :P
"Flynn: All’s fair in love and war and sweets." Okay yeah he's my favourite.
Sinbad don't annoy a grandmother! You deserve being hit by that cane!
Nooo Zack ):
Sinbad don't you dare order a hit on your mother in law!
Don't worry about not being able to read much, it happens, life gets in the way for us all and we all understand! As school/uni etc starts up again, it goes a bit quiet for a while anyway.

Maybe he thinks that if he hangs out with them long enough, he can somehow MAKE them Evil LOL.
And no one in the house is sympathetic anymore now that Zack's gone! D:
Zack's hair is crazy dominant in this family oh my goodness.
I hope that Sinbad didn't scare the butler away! But at least we didn't have to pay him for his half week of work lol.
Thank you for commenting! :)

Your legacy is just too cute!!
I like the Sinbad and Kyleigh dynamic even though it's a little complicated.
All the kids are really cute and I really like them all (even Sinclair) haha!
I hate when kids end up being the clones of their parents! It's too bad really.
The chapter wasn't too long, and don't worry about the generation taking too long! It's not a huge deal at all.
Looking forward to seeing the kids as teens though!
Good luck on your assignments.

Thank you! :D
To be honest, I don't get it myself, and I'm the one writing it! Ah well, it's one of those complicated, incomprehensible relationships that you see sometimes, and you're just like, 'why is this even working? IS it even working?'
It really is too bad :/ I didn't look for too long, so maybe I'm wrong about the clone thing!

Hey, I got caught up! :D I've really enjoyed reading this whole legacy!!! All your sims are so pretty, and so much fun! I have really liked this <3 And, not to say at all that you were bad when you started, because I did love Judith's generation and thought you wrote well then too, but I think you've improved :)

The kids this generation are all so cute! I don't even know if I can pick a favorite. Flynn's dorkiness (and his namesake) make me like him a lot, but gah I like them all! Poor Sinclair just can't see eye to eye with Sinbad, eh? That's cute though, all the Good kids spawned from Sinbad XD

Speaking of him, I personally would like to see the plot you had for him and Kyleigh! I don't feel like this generation is too long or anything like that, and I always love a good plot. I've been wondering about Sinbad, especially when he seems to be ready to kill Ana :O Also aww I miss Zack already :(

I hate when kids are a clone of one parent or the other :/ it seems to happen to me all the time! It's like, game, I wanted you to MIX these genetics, not pick one or the other!! I hope they fix that with Sims 4, honestly. :P

But yeah, what a fun legacy! I can't wait to read more, it's so cute and I love all your sims!

Hi! :D Thank you~ It took me a while to get into the stride of commentary style but I'm glad you think the newer chapters are better than the old ones! They weren't very good imo lol

It was a very funny twist of fate. A good roll for once haha.

I had to cut out some parts of the plot because it was just so darned cheesy (and I forgot Sinbad's an Adult, not a Young Adult, so I just didn't have the time to do all I wanted oops) but I hope that when I get to it in my writing, it won't be disappointing!

Apparently it's something in the roll algorithm and it's fixed by clicking on the dice a few times in CAS but it's still annoying :/ I hope they change it too!

Thank you! :D I really love your legacy and your writing too by the way! :D

Ahh but cheesy plots can be so good! ;3 Well, I'm excited to see what's in store! I love their weird relationship XD

Hmm interesting, I never knew that! I might have to research it now, lol. I don't want to get my hopes up for sims 4, though, in case none of what I hope for comes true xD You know how EA is. :P

Aww shucks! I'm glad we found each others' stories then! That's so sweet of you, thank you!

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