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TS3 Legacies by Your Majesty

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The Abernathy Legacy 4.3

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I'm so excited to be caught up omg. Also, I'm gonna continue commenting on LJ because it's so much easier (I don't have a wordpress).
Goodwin and Sinbad.. I ship it. SINWIN hahahah.
I love Kyleigh's hair so much, the colour and the CC. I also love her name (I have an addiction to interesting names which you could probably tell by now!).
To be honest I prefer to play my families with less money. It makes it more interesting but past the third gen in any family I play, no one ends up needing to work...
Sinbad is such a sweet father aww :3
"Mirror mirror on the wall, what are the chances of Goodwin falling to his death from the top of the stairs of his big ugly house?" Laughed way too much there, omg.
I love Sinclair, though I think Sinbad won't for much longer. Oh dear...
Great chapter!

Sorry it took me a while to get back to this! ><
I don't mind comments on LJ! I love comments no matter where they're posted on! :D
YESSS! I was always unsure of whether to mention it because I've never seen any posts about it but my first thought when I saw them was '... I ship them'.
I'm not even sure where I pulled the name Kyleigh from anymore haha. She's so fun to take pictures of, oh my goodness. It's definitely the hair.
Thank you! Ahh, I'm a terrible reader, I read so slow :/

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