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TS3 Legacies by Your Majesty

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The Abernathy Legacy 3.6 + Heir Poll

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Woooot! Almost caught up! I have to say, I do love Zack. His hair is fantastic, I'm glad it was passed down :P
The three teens look very beautiful (or handsome in Eli's case!). How do you edit your pictures? They look fab.
Well I'm just gonna read the next two right now :D Why wait :P

That was so fast! :O I like him a lot too, so I feel extra bad when I just kind of forget about him. Curse him for being so self-sufficient!
Eliwood is good-looking enough to qualify in the 'beautiful' category imo xD
Thank you! :D I use PSE, so I usually do each picture manually, which isn't too bad. I just Auto Smart Fix, Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, then fiddle around with brightness, RGB levels, saturation, before unsharping mask and sharpening. Then it's just a matter of colour layers. I'm not sure if you wanted a whole spiel on my picture editing but uh...there you go!

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