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TS3 Legacies by Your Majesty

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The Abernathy Legacy 2.5
- My prof is such a cool and chill dude he manages to make medieval literature fun and interesting. I'm sure there's people out there who love themselves some Beowulf or Bede, but I was always, if we're talking about older literary works, a Shakespeare person. Depending on your definition of old, I also love works by Orwell. I love Watership Down. I love a lot of literary works. Just not Medieval.
- Heir poll will be up soon. I have to work on my paper tomorrow so expect it either way early or way late or even a few days later. I tend to forget these things.
- I was originally gunning for Soren as heir but now it's a close tie between Soren, Anastasia, and Gloria. Poor Bishop lost his chance a while ago.

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"Ugh, I can’t believe I was swimming around in corpse water." I think that has to be my favourite quote so far hahah.
I adore this family too much, omg.
Gloria's face while she's practising snake charming, omg. Priceless.
Nice to see that ghost!Lanford still likes to troll (and break the computer).
"Devon Dorky Sex God McClain" accurate.
Bishop is so sickeningly cheerful all the time. He can't be an actual teenager..
I think Ana or Gloria are my favourites. <3
Now to decide if I go straight onto gen 3 or wait so that I don't finish it all at once...

This family adores you too! I'm still on your first generation, because I'm a slow-ass reader, but I LOVE it so far!
Gloria pulls the best faces omg she was a riot
I'm kind of happy I lost all the graves because now at least my computers (and the internet) are safe from Lanford's computer-breaking skills!

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