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Tempest Gene Challenge 1.0!
I'm going to start a new sims project on the side of The Abernathy Legacy, because that's how I roll. I also want to try something that I've been interested in for a while, which is the gene challenge, inspired by this thread I saw on the forum. Essentially, it's like a 100-Baby Challenge except with 10 generations. Each gen will need to produce 10 babies (same couple mind... can't go shopping around for genetics like in a normal legacy!) and then I, or the readers, choose one to continue on! Like the Queen Bee challenge or sim dumps, I will be putting all of the babies up for download on its own page.

Enough about that, time to meet the first baby momma...

animal lover, charismatic, hopeless romantic, party animal, social butterfly
- master mixologist
So sexy.
I have some Sims from various legacy writers and creators that I dl-ed (after dropping them a line) but it would be cool if you guys could submit some spouses, male or female! Renata's already got a man she's wooing but I'm sure her future spawn need some hotties to carry on the Tempest name.

Keep an eye out for the first Tempest update, coming soon to a theatre near you!


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