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TS3 Legacies by Your Majesty

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The Abernathy Legacy 4.4

Chapter 4.4    |     Archive

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Haha, Sinbad is not going to love any of his children when he learns of their Good nature. Poor things!
Poor Ana, still having to deal with her hydrophobia! :(
Flynn's face when he's wondering about Sinbad's job ahaaha.
Denahi is a wonderful name! I like that he has Zack's hair.
"Flynn: I’m not playing, Grandpa! I just lost one of my best men!" Aw you cutie. I'm trying not to have favourites this soon on but that may change soon...
I wonder if the butler stopped coming because of Sinbad :P
"Flynn: All’s fair in love and war and sweets." Okay yeah he's my favourite.
Sinbad don't annoy a grandmother! You deserve being hit by that cane!
Nooo Zack ):
Sinbad don't you dare order a hit on your mother in law!
Don't worry about not being able to read much, it happens, life gets in the way for us all and we all understand! As school/uni etc starts up again, it goes a bit quiet for a while anyway.

Maybe he thinks that if he hangs out with them long enough, he can somehow MAKE them Evil LOL.
And no one in the house is sympathetic anymore now that Zack's gone! D:
Zack's hair is crazy dominant in this family oh my goodness.
I hope that Sinbad didn't scare the butler away! But at least we didn't have to pay him for his half week of work lol.
Thank you for commenting! :)

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