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Gen 3 heir announcement
The heir poll has closed (it was closed a while ago but shh) and a big thank you to everyone who placed a vote! You guys certainly know how to make a girl happy!
Anyway, the numbers have been tallied and though it wasn't big enough of a gap to be considered a landslide vote, it seems the majority of you prefer...

... Anastasia!

3.0 should be out around this weekend if things go well. I've been feeling really tired lately from sleep loss due to midterms (though I passed all of them! But I have three more at the end of October.. curse whoever thought two-part midterms are a good idea!) and I've jumped back into the KnB fandom with gusto. There are a lot of fanfiction and doujinshi on Pixiv and fansites that I've neglected due to getting distracted with RL and SnK and Free! so it's taking a while to sift through the ones I haven't read yet.



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